• Protect Protect Our mission is to protect buffalo/bison as a great North American native animal.
  • Preserve Preserve Our mission is to protect through fair & equitable regulations in the control of disease and transportation.
  • Promote Promote Our mission is to promote by studying, sponsoring research, collecting and distributing information about buffalo.


The Montana Bison Association was founded in 1999 and is member to National Bison Association.  We are a non-profit organization comprised of bison producers and enthusiasts with a passion for this majestic animal.  The purpose of the Montana Bison Association shall be as follows:

To promote buffalo (also known as bison, hereinafter referred to as “buffalo”) and buffalo products, namely breeding stock, meat and by-products. To seek fair and equitable regulations in the control of disease and in the movements of buffalo and buffalo products, for intrastate, interstate and international purposes. To perpetuate buffalo as a great North American native animal and to study, sponsor research, collect and disseminate pertinent information pertaining to buffalo. The Association shall be known as a non-profit organization, with the monies accumulated being used to carry out functions of the Association and the promotion and welfare of the buffalo.

National Bison Association at Washington DC