Heifer and Breeding Bull Bison For Sale

A minimum of ten and a maximum of twelve, 30 month old, exposed Heifers with Breeding Bull for sale.  The bull is from a herd that is well known to produce albino bison.  The young bull, with Albino genetics is entirely unrelated to the heifers, having been sired by a separate, well known herd.  The Heifers were exposed to three different bulls, also from unrelated herds.  Those breeding bulls were: 2 from the Diamond Tail Bison Ranch in Colorado, and 1 from the Jumpoff Bison Ranch in South Dakota.  The Heifers have been Brucellosis vaccinated and wormed.  Genetics of the Heifers are from the Flying D Herd, Red Canyon Ranch Herd, Snyder Bison, and other well known breeders.  Price for 10 Heifers and the 30 month old Bull: $35,200.00.  50 percent deposit required.  Ad written August 22nd, 2023

C Lazy B Bison Ranch, Dixon, Montana  (406) 261-6072,

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