January 2023 Newsletter

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Montana Bison News- January 2023 A newsletter from the Montana Bison Association The President’s Corner Just a few weeks ago I found myself surrounded by the good folks of the Montana Bison Association at our annual Winter Conference, held this year in White Sulphur Springs.  It was refreshing to spend time visiting with folks that … Read more

Deep Creek Ranch Bison Sales- Choteau, MT

Deep Creek Ranch Choteau MT. 2022 Projected Bison Sales. Sale numbers will be confirmed and Bison will be available Dec.12-22 (FEMALES) 40 – Mature open cows. Born 2003-2018  1500.00/hd 10 – 3 year old open cows. Born 2019. 1500.00/hd 5 – 2 year old open cows. Born 2020. 1500.00/hd 56 – Yearling heifers. Born 2021 … Read more

Bison Herd Reduction Sale- Missoula Montana

Herd reduction sale: 40 total 2022 calves$1,200 bull calves$1,000 heifer calves40 total yearlings$1,900 yearling bulls$1,700 yearling heifers30 Cows age range from 6 – 15 yrs$1,800-$2,000 Bulk discount Roosevelt Custer crossGreat breeding stockThis herd has produced 2 albinos. DNA mitochondria tested resulting in 0% cattle integration. We would consider parting with one albino.Located in Missoula, Montana.Available … Read more

Turner Bison Exchange

Don’t miss out- the annual Turner Bison Exchange will be held Saturday, January 7, 2023 at the Lodge at Deadwood in Deadwood, SD. For more information please visit the Turner Bison Exchange website here.

Bison Calves for Sale

bison calves for sale

FOR SALE 2022 CALVES Male and Female totaling 40 ct. Weaning in November – December Asking $1000 for females and $1200 for males. Negotiation possible depending on quantity Contact Troy at 406-531-6047 Call or text

Ten 2022 Bison Calves for Sale

Hausman Buffalo Ranch BC

We have ten 2022 bison calves to sell.  If you are interested please contact Steve Mitchell in Judith Gap at 406-366-0172.

August Newsletter

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Montana Bison News- August 2022 A newsletter from the Montana Bison Association The President’s Corner Well, I don’t know about any of you, but summer seems to fly by faster and faster.  Must be a function of the sun flares this summer or something like that… I’m sure it has nothing to do with my … Read more

Warning on Hay and Straw Scam

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An investigation is underway by the Attorney General of MT into a Canadian company, New Way Ag, that has been accused of scamming producers through hay and straw sales.  Read more in the article from the MT Ag Network here.