MSU OLLI offering course this fall on Switching from Cattle to Bison Ranching

Switching from Cattle to Bison Ranching as a Climate Change Adaptation

Bruce Maxwell, a professor in the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Science at MSU, will lead this class which consists of an online introductory lecture and field trip visits to the Flying-D Ranch and the North Bridger Bison. You will also hear from range science expert Fred Provenza, Native American faculty and ranch managers.

The online introductory lecture will be followed by two 2-hour field trips to visit two different bison ranches. Details about the field trips, including directions to the ranches, will be provided during the online lecture. OLLI members drive themselves, bring portable chairs, water, sunscreen, hats and jackets. Walking will be on uneven ground.

Registration opens Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Find more information and register here: