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Buffalo Chase Premium Bison, Inc.

Naturally ranch-raised bison. We offer retail and wholesale meat, as well as live animals.

Wholesomely raised Bison meat: Pasture fed, vacuum packed, inspected, custom cut, and delivered to Missoula, Lake or Sanders County. Sold wholesale by the quarter, half, or whole. Call: Chris (406) 246-7777 even better email (no text)

About Buffalo Chase™ Premium Bison:

The bison are raised between Moiese and Dixon, Montana, adjacent to the National Bison Range.
The bison are raised with no use of antibiotics or added hormones. Absolutely no corn, GMO or otherwise, is fed. The animals are pastured year round, except during calving season. The two-year-old butcher bulls are confined temporarily. The short separation from the cows is necessary because the calving hormones and pheromones that the cow emits create a confused reaction in the young bulls. The bulls think that it is breeding time and they can easily kill calves or create havoc for the calving cow. During the confinement in the spring, the young butcher animals are fed free choice alfalfa/grass hay and a ration in pellet form made of alfalfa, peas, barley, wheat, and canola oil. Peas have tenderizing properties when fed to ungulates, resulting in a more desirable product. This ration is made in Montana by Muggli Brothers of Miles City. The Alfalfa/Grass hay that is fed is raised in Hot Springs, MT.

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Phone: 406 246-7777

Street: 166 Montana Hwy 212
City: Dixon
Zip: 59831
Region: Northwest

Business categories:  Breeding Stock, Mobile Concessions, Bison Meat for Sale

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