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In the 1930’s Armando Flocchini Sr., my grandfather, purchased the Durham Meat Company in San Francisco where he worked as a butcher. In 1965 he purchased a 55,000 acre bison ranch near Wright, Wyoming and renamed it Durham Ranch. Three generations later, this same ranch is operated by the Flocchini family and remains one the largest bison operations in North America.

We believe the Durham Ranch name represents far more than a beautiful stretch of land in northeast Wyoming. Our name represents family. From our grandfather the butcher, to his two sons and their six children and even two great grandchildren who are following in his footsteps, committing to provide the highest quality products and experience to our customers.


For information regarding wholesale meat sales and distribution of Durham Ranch bison and branded meats, please contact:

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Phone: (307)939-1271

Street: 7835 Highway 59
City: Gillette
Zip: 82718
Region: Outside Montana

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Durham Ranch Bison Bull
Durham Ranch, WY
Durham Ranch Bison Striploin