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Buffalo Stories You May Not Know

Hettinger, ND – Everything you ever wanted to know about buffalo—America’s new National Mammal—you’ll find in the new Blog Buffalotalesandtrails.com!

It’s FREE to everyone who has a soft spot in their hearts for buffalo—experts and enthusiasts as well as teachers of American history and Native American culture.

In today’s issue we bring these engaging stories direct to your computer:

  1. A BLOG on the final two historic buffalo sites in the western Dakotas (#9 and #10): Standing Rock Sioux Reservation herds and one-of-a-kind exhibits at Jamestown
  2. The STORY on Willliam Hornaday’s innovative 6-buffalo glass case at the Smithsonian in 1888
  3. NEWS about the Center for Bison Excellence at SDSU—FINALLLY an era of bison research begins

Information you may not have at your fingertips by the author of three books on buffalo, including Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains (2018)—winner of three national awards. Subscribe today—it’s FREE!

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Photo courtesy of SD Tourism

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