Upcoming Bison Auctions- Nov 2020


Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve, 1st Production Auction – John Trippy, Owner Online bidding closing 2:00 pm EST Friday November 20, 2020 Buffalo located at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve, 6975 N. Ray Rd., Freemont Indiana. Selling 150+- Quality Buffalo including 40+- mixed yearlings; 40+- mixed 2 yr. olds, (heifers have been exposed to Kentucky Bison/Chief Joseph descendant … Read more

Cattle Producers Provide Input on USDA RFID Tag Proposal | Northern Ag Network


USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) released a proposal earlier this year to require radio frequency identification, or RFID tags, to be the official tag for interstate movement of cattle and bison.  Read more at the link below… https://www.northernag.net/cattle-producers-provide-input-on-usda-rfid-tag-proposal/

More Funding for Meat Processing and Nonprofits


Here is a link to an article posted by Leif Bakken of the Northern Ag Network that may be of interest to our Bison Producers: https://www.northernag.net/more-funding-for-meat-processing-and-nonprofits/

Article on boosting profits by direct-marketing beef from the Northern Ag Network


Beef and bison meat producers may find this article from the Northern Ag Network interesting: Direct-Marketing Beef to Consumers Could Boost Sagging Profits | Northern Ag Network This spring, when wholesale beef prices reached record levels and shelves at the meat counter began to look a little bare, consumer interest in locally raised meat began … Read more

An Article Update on Packing Plant Capacity from the Northern Ag Network


Bison and Cattle Meat Producers may find this article from the Northern Ag Network of interest: More Packing Capacity Coming to the Beef Industry | Northern Ag Network In the last few years, it’s become evident that the beef industry needs more processing capacity. That only became more clear this spring, when a bottleneck in … Read more