Snowcrest Ranch

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The 38,000 acre Snowcrest Ranch is located in SW Montana.  The bison line originated from the Castle Rock Bison herd in New Mexico.  The Snowcrest bison herd consists of 150 bulls, 370 cows, and 340 calves. Complete information on the Bison herd and the Turner Bison Exchange may be found on the website or contact … Read more

Crossroads Ranch Consulting

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Helping ranchers cultivate resilient, profitable businesses and thriving landscapes. At Crossroads Ranch Consulting we help our clients realize the full potential of their entire operation and meet their goals for land health and profitability. We offer private consulting as well as educational workshops, and facilitation for landowners, managers, teams and families across the West.

Montana Bison Fashion & Furs

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Jennifer Olsson handles the bison hides for her original clothing designs from ranch pick up, to stretching and shearing.  “I save bison hides from being discarded and forgotten. The bison’s beautiful coat continues to tell its story as the bison lives on through my designs.” Her company, Montana Bison Fashion & Furs, offers knitwear and … Read more